LabsVision MU-888 Wireless Microphone True UHF Wireless Microphone Set (2 Microphones, 2 UHF Channels) Infrared frequency.. Product #: LabsVision MU-888 Wireless Microphone

LabsVision MU-888 Wireless Microphone

UHF band: The Labsvision Wireless Microphone System features UHF signal audio transmission for an unsurpassed performance w/ high signal over noise ratio for clear, distortion free, crisp vocal and excellent sound reproduction unlike low grade VHF units.

Dual channel design: This dual channel portable wireless mic system features extended wireless range with crisp vocal pickup. Enjoy cordless singing to karaoke music and mobility for energetic on stage performance.No Need To Set, Just Plug and Use.

Adjustable volume control: Both the receiver and the mics have power ON/OFF switch and the receiver has AF and RF audio signal indicators. The microphone receiver is equipped w/ ¼” unbalanced audio output jack. For home, office, business, Church, performance, karaoke,applications.

Complete set: 2 x Wireless Microphones, 2 x Microphone Rubber Stands, 2 x Microphone Sponges, Power Adapter, 3.5mm to 3.5mm AV Cable, User Guide.