LabsVision S-9 Wireless Microphone System with patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound.. Product #: LabsVision S-9 Wireless Microphone System

LabsVision S-9 Wireless Microphone System

Best Mixer Dual UHF Wireless Microphone with Volume Control + ECHO Function. No Need To Set, Just Plug and Use.UHF +Mixer ECHO Function Maximize your voice, easy and simple.

The wireless microphone system working up to 10 hours. The LCD display can show the battery power and signal strength in real time, no worry about suddenly not working.Tip: The microphone will never fade.Please rest assured to use.

With Labsvision S9 Karaoke Mixer Wireless Microphone System, everyone can now enjoy home karaoke, no matter what your home entertainment setup is like. Mixx works with any speaker system or media source, making it super easy to enjoy karaoke in the comfort of your homes.

Labsvision Dual wireless microphone system has powerful compatibility,The receiver comes with 6.35mm(1/4'') and 3.5mm(1/8'') Plug,ideal for Conference, Home karaoke, Friend party, Church, Classroom, Wedding and more.