P40RGB P40R100+:100mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 635nm(the brightness amount to 300mW@650nm red laser), di.. Product #: P40RGB


◆  Laser Matrix features:

1) 40 beams (5 lines*8 lines), laser array merging into the whole, one laser light can achieve 5 * 8 laser array changing effects. Thus, it hugely reduces the number of laser lights, save the cost.

2) Small delicate housing, projecting by 50°scanning angles at the horizontal direction and 30°scanning angles at the vertical direction, 40 laser beams are evenly distributed. The best projecting effects on this kind of scanning angle. If the scanning angle is too big, beams are too thin and not plump; if the scanning angle is too small, the beams are too dense and small irradiation range.

3) Single-mode laser with small diameter and perfect divergence. Even projecting to a long distance, the beam spots are still ideal.

4) Built-in effects: Laser always ON, strobe, horizontal and vertical moving, positive and negative direction flowing effects, chasing effects, etc.

5) Play Mode: Sound active, Auto, Manual mode (choosing single effect), DMX 512.

6) Each beam ON/OFF can be controlled by DMX512 mode, over 20 kinds of built-in effects.

◆ Laser diodes: Single-mode laser diodes with fine spot and small divergence, much higher stability.

P40R100:100mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 650nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

P40R150:150mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 650nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

P40R200:200mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 650nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

P40R100+:100mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 635nm(the brightness amount to 300mW@650nm red laser), divergence:<1.0mrad

P40R200+:200mW red laser *40PCS,wavelength 635nm(the brightness amount to 600mW@650nm red laser), divergence:<1.0mrad

P40B150:150mW blue laser *8PCS,wavelength 450nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

P40-01RGB:100mW red laser *16PCS,wavelength 650nm, divergence:<1.0mrad;

50mWgreen laser *16PCS,wavelength 532nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

150mW blue laser *8PCS,wavelength 450nm, divergence:<1.0mrad

◆ Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512 (41 channels), Manual.

◆ Safety Configure: Laser ON-OFF key switch, Laser remote interlock, Flying rings bolt

◆ Power Supply: 90~250V, 50/60HZ, 50W

◆ Machine Size: L*W*H=320*170*160mm

◆ Machine Weight: 2.9Kg

◆ Applicable for Disco, Dance hall, Bars, Clubs and all kinds of big show place